Success Cases

6:1 ROAS

The challenge

A mid-sized service company came to us with the goal of increasing their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while maintaining a steady level of traffic and sales. Their current ROAS was 2:1, and they wanted to increase it without compromising their brand image or customer experience. They were struggling with inefficient ad targeting, low conversion rates, and a lack of understanding about their target audience.

How we solved it

Audience Analysis: We started by analyzing their existing customer base and website visitors, helping them gain a better understanding of their target audience. 

Ad Creative Optimization: We revamped their ad creatives by testing different headlines, images, and ad copy variations that resonated with their target audience.

Targeting Strategy: We employed a data-driven approach to refine their ad targeting.

Landing Page Optimization: To increase conversion rates, we optimized their landing pages by improving the user experience, making it easy for visitors to tale the next step. 


We successfully increase their ROAS, maintaining it above average to this day. They experienced a significant increase in sales, a decrease in customer acquisition cost, and improved overall efficiency of their ad spend. The optimization process allowed them to maintain a strong brand image and provide a seamless customer experience while achieving their desired results.